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Aguilar de Campoo


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  • Options F / G: Course + equestrian or cultural activities + accommodation + transport. New options for small and medium groups.

“SpanishinCampoo / EspañolenCampoo” is, on one hand, a foreign learners spanish school; and, on the other hand, a Humanities school (Literature, History, oral and written accuracy, Latin) for all kind of public, with a rural, ecological and multilingual point of view, based in Aguilar de Campoo (Palencia, Spain); and third, a Spanish / English linguistic consultancy.

So, “SpanishinCampoo / EspañolenCampoo” offers one week courses (15 hours), or a fortnight (30 hours), or one month (60 hours), etc…; those courses or tutorials will take place at “San Gregorio School” in the evenings from 16h to 19h, p.m.; of course, includes complementary activities in the mornings, from 10h a.m. to 13h p.m.; and also, offers accommodation either in a family, or in a hotel, as well as in a rural house.

Besides, we have another option for couples and groups until 4 people that includes accommodation in a rural house, Spanish for foreigners or Humanities course, plus equestrian, cultural or nature activities; and another one for groups until 16 people, with the same pattern of course plus activities; and all these options with the possibility of transport from cities like Santander or Madrid to Aguilar (map).

Finally, we offer camps for groups in Cillamayor (10 kilometres from Aguilar), with or without spanish for foreigners, humanities or nature courses, as well as leisure activities included or not.


SpanishinCampoo / EspañolenCampoo

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